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Starting my freelance web design journey

Going freelance is an exciting and equally daunting step. Up to this point I have always worked in a company as part of a team. I'm very greatful to all the businesses, teams, clients and colegues I have worked with previously that have helped me progress my skills to this point.

With 46% of people in the UK currently self-employed, it's not uncommon, especially in the digital industry. I hope to still colaborate with some of the freelancers and businesses I have worked with previously. Whilst also building new clients, contacts and friends in this next chapter of my career.

The main benefit for me is the flexibilty with two young children, being around as much as possible for them.

I love my job and can't wait to see what digital work I will end up doing. I'm sure I have a lot to learn and will make misakes along the way. Fingers crossed I can make a go of it...

Please get in contact to find out more about the services I offer and how I can help your business. I'm always happy to arrange a call or meeting to discuss an upcoming project.

Contact me to find out more