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UI & UX Design

Designing simple, usable and concise visuals for websites, emails and applications. Working with small startups to large corporate businesses.

Creating a great experience with a consistent and functional design is what I love to do best. I have a very methodical and meticulous approach to design and therefore large apps and websites appeal to my skills.

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User Interface Design (UI)

UI is the design of a digital product aesthetic. The visual touch points a user interacts with when using your website or application. Combinations of typography, colour palettes, buttons, imagery and animation.

User Experience Design (UX)

UX is the human-first approach to a user's experience when interacting with a business or service from first contact to the last. Taking into account their different perspectives, needs and goals. UX looks at the wider flow of a customer journey and the difficulties a customer might encounter. Effective UX anticipates the needs of a user before they get stuck.

UX is a broad skillset and I don't pretend to be a UX expert. That said, I have done a fair amount of UX within my work on digital projects and it is something I try to include when possible.

Structured design and user journeys

UI and UX go hand in hand and need to be considered throughout a project. Even a basic website without thought behind the wider UX is often flawed. If you don't have a basic understanding of who you are creating a project for, how can you make sure you meet their needs?

Having a structured design process and keeping in mind the bigger customer journey is something I strive to practice.

Digital Branding

How your brand converts into the digital space is important to give customers consistency when interacting with your business. This also connects the digital channels your business might have such as websites, social media, email and invoicing to name a few. Creating a strong and consistent digital brand that can be used throughout your digital comms is something I can help you with.

Design systems

A design system is a great way to speed up the expansion of your digital business. By breaking down the individual digital components used across your business you can standardise and reuse elements. Creating better consistency and brand feel, saving time recreating components you already have.

Please get in contact to find out more about the services I offer and how I can help your business. I'm always happy to arrange a call or meeting to discuss an upcoming project.

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