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Website Design

Designing simple, usable and concise visuals for websites, emails and apps.

I'm a Freelance Web Designer with over 15 years of experience working on projects of various sizes. My skillset covers design and coding, from research to delivery. I work with clients to build and maintain the best digital products possible within a budget and delivered on time.

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Understanding your business

Before we create any designs I need to understand your business, what you want to achieve and what makes you different. We need to build a profile of your key customers, to understand their needs and what they want to achieve. The detail can depend on the project size, time and budget.

Great User Experiences

Giving your users a great experience when interacting with your business is vital. Your website might be the first impression you give to a customer and getting this right is what great UX is all about. At a basic level, this is making sure the information they need is easy to find and simple to understand. Making this an enjoyable experience is where the magic happens.


My design process usually starts with sitemaps and wireframes. Building the site architecture and mapping out the content flow. Prototypes can then be created to quickly test the experience and fix any issues. Working on key pages the wireframes are then moved into high-fidelity visuals and prototypes if needed. Regular feedback from client stakeholders and testing with users is vital. Any changes can then be incorporated into the design process.

Fully Responsive

I have been designing and building fully responsive websites for many years. Websites need to work across all devices and sometimes a mobile-first approach is needed. Fluid design rather than set breakpoints are always preferable. Creating layouts that scale and reflow content to fit the screen size.


Read more about the development services I offer.

For more complex backend development projects and I have worked with many developers and I'm happy to make recommendations depending on the project needs.


The web is for everyone and I strive to make sure all the digital products I design and build work for people of all abilities. Over 1 billion people around the world are part of the disabled community and websites should be as accessible as possible.


We all know how frustrating it can be waiting for a site to load. Website performance is now more important than ever with users on faster connections it can be easy to think it's not a problem anymore. Some users may be using mobile data or slow rural connections and performance can impact your customer experience. The performance also plays an important part in how search engines rank your website.

Please get in contact to find out more about the services I offer and how I can help your business. I'm always happy to arrange a call or meeting to discuss an upcoming project.

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